Life by Design Coaching Judy Blake

Judy Blake Mindset Matters

COME ALIVE AGAIN!  Life may sometimes feel like you’re just trying to survive, feeling tired and listless, just trying to get through the week.  If so, it is so time to let go of the old story, to let go of a problem-focused existence, and open up to a new vision.  Design a compelling vision that drives you forward to living the life of your dreams, custom designed, in every aspect of life: relationships, health, work/service and leisure time.

We build healthy, lasting legacies when we create purposeful lives by design, rather than living by default.  It was Ben Franklin who originally said, “Failing to plan is a plan to fail.”  But what if you planned, and yet, the plan failed to meet your expectations?  You may find yourself feeling stuck or in transition, longing for a new more meaningful way of seeing, being, and doing life.  It doesn’t matter what the nature of your transition is… life by design coaching supports you in pursuing your heart’s desires, living on purpose, and staying the course of transformation.  It’s not a plan, it’s a paradigm shift!

Having a deep sense of satisfaction for your life starts with recognizing your inherent power and purpose.  Not just your individual power and purpose, but the unseen power and purpose shared by all.  We are hard-wired to create.  In fact, we have to create in order to feel alive.

Simply put, life by design coaching allows for a new mastery of mind, an essential tool for reprogramming subconscious patterns that block one from the joys so deserved.  It’s your architectural blueprint of a life and legacy that sparks new life in you.  FEEL ALIVE AGAIN! This is your opportunity for a DO-OVER!