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Sometimes life feels a bit like you’re just trying to survive.  If you come home from work every day, tired and feeling listless, due to stress or boredom, from the ‘same old, same old’, you may find yourself asking… what is the point?  What is it that I’m living for?

The problem is we have gotten comfortable in our habits.  Many of us work so that we can afford to pay bills and maybe rest.  But then when we do get a chance to rest, we don’t feel very rewarded because ultimately rest normally just means staring at a screen.  Hardly rewarding!

So what will it take to feel alive and enthusiastic about life again?  A vacation is not going to do it long term.  Think about it… you are seriously overdue to getting back in touch with your passion for living.

It calls for a reconnection to your inner architect, and tapping into that genius within. It’s that part of you where you just know you are a natural – whatever it is that you love, you are good at, or desire most.  At one point in your life, it was a dream for you.

All of us have dreams and passions.  And at some point, these dreams and ambitions are what put you on the path you’re on now.  Your aim may have been to work that job just long enough to earn the money you need to fund a dream.  Or perhaps you’re working because you found a partner you love and you were willing to postpone your ambitions for them.

If you’ve lost the motivating reason to work, then you will most likely coast and cruise through life listlessly.

So what do you do?  DREAM, and Dream Big.  No, not a little dream like where you will take your next vacation on your budget, but a dream that pumps you up and stretches you!

Ask yourself:  Why is it that you do what you do?  Where do you see yourself in the future?  What are your beliefs and your values?  What were the things that gave you direction when you were a young teenager?  And how can you get yourself back on your happy track?

The problem is that many of us feel that our passions are ‘childish’ or possibly irresponsible.  If so, we end up just burying them for more respectable aims like ‘being area manager’. But who said that being area manager of a staple company was more respectable than being an activist or an artist?

The point is that you don’t have to give up your job or your responsibilities.  You just have to keep the burning passion alive within, so that you’re pursuing it when you can. When you do this and you remember the ‘why’, then life will once again have meaning and direction.

If you need assistance with getting in touch with that part of you that wants to not only get charged about the dream but would like the support and tools to actualize it, I invite you to take advantage of the free complimentary call to initiate the conversation.

Will you accept my invitation or will you check the TV Guide?

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To your Reignited Passion and Feeling Alive again!!

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Judy Blake is a Professional Life Coach, Educator, Mentor, and Speaker who is passionate about empowering others to consciously create fuller, more purposeful, more meaningful lives. Judy believes that it is never too late, you are never too old; there is no condition that cannot be overcome to be that person to design the life you want. JudyBlake.com

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