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Judy Blake at The Big Shift Experience – March 2016

Sit with me a moment, won’t you?  This chair has your name on it!  And it’s your chance to experience a Big Shift in your life.

Go get your journal and a pen please; I’ll wait.

If you do not already have what you want in your life, I have news for you.  God (the divine presence in all and the very foundation of the presence of life) is great; yet if you are waiting for his/her/its help, remember ‘God helps those who help themselves’.  Let go of wasting precious time wishing, hoping, begging to God.  The reason is because you already are all that God is and the answers are already with in you.  So let’s man up!

First:  Get quiet and Live into these questions, as your answers are in the question:

What lights you up in YOUR life?

Why is it important for you to succeed?

In what ways are you holding yourself back:

a. In your relationships?
b. In your business or work?
c. In your health or wellbeing?
d. In finances that allow for more time, freedom, and quality of life?

Next: It’s time to get real… (I have done this myself so get comfortable and dive in to the truth).

Life is FINITE…you only get one shot at it this lifetime.  Do you wish to live it and love it?  Or simply watch it pass you by with your face in a screen?  You are every bit as worthy as those that are living the “good” life. I want you to know I am here for you, to walk with you as you make your life matter focusing on your strengths (and you do have many).  You were born with them.

Take advantage of my free offer to share time with you on a complimentary call.  Begin the change of new ways of being, seeing, and doing.  Please share with your friends and don’t forget to sign in for the free eBook:  The mindset that MATTERS!

Wake up to feeling ALIVE!


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Judy Blake is a Professional Life Coach, Educator, Mentor, and Speaker who is passionate about empowering others to consciously create fuller, more purposeful, more meaningful lives. Judy believes that it is never too late, you are never too old; there is no condition that cannot be overcome to be that person to design the life you want. JudyBlake.com

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