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When you were younger you were probably passionate about a zillion things.  Maybe you loved a film so much that you had to watch it every single day.  (Mine was The Wizard of Oz, but I digress.)  Maybe you fancied a girl or guy so much that you would chase their car home after school or ride by their house hoping to catch a glimpse.  Or maybe it was dinosaurs, Legos, Barbie Dolls, dress up, carnivals, sports…  What do those interests say about you?

Whatever it was (is), there are very few kids or teenagers in the world who feel middle of the road about anything.  As a kid you either love it, or you hate it.  That’s called being passionate.

Here comes the “but”.  But if you’re like most people today, then you probably find yourself doing things half-heartedly, seldom excited about anything on a day-to-day basis. Thus the expression… “same old, same old”.  Surely you can do better than that.

  1. Remember Your Old Favorites

Take a walk down memory lane.  The best way to reconnect to your passions is to think about what you used to love in any and all categories.  When you were younger you probably wanted to be an astronaut or a princess or both (think of movies, free play, and Halloween when you were little) and it’s only as we get older that we are told to find something more ‘adult’ to be interested in.

Those old loves are still there, just beneath the surface.  Get in touch with the kid in you. What have you lost touch with?  What was it that caused a spark in you?

And just because you might not realistically become an astronaut (this isn’t one of those articles), that doesn’t mean you can’t still chase a passion for space, or for travel, or for science and new horizons – whatever it was that originally drove you to feel so strongly.

  1. Give it a New Look

Sometimes you will find that you have lost interest in the things that once were so amazing to you, and if that’s the case, no worries.  Just as easily you can also try adding a new spin to an old passion.

For instance, if you used to love cartoons, maybe you would enjoy comic books, or animation.  Maybe a trip to Disneyworld and experience it through a child’s eyes. Rediscovering old passions is about rekindling respect for the past, leading you into new growth and development and not forcing a square peg back into an old, round hole. Have fun with it, and bring more fun and zest into your life.  Paying attention to your passions very often allows you to get clear on living a purpose-filled life.

  1. Share

Please share your passions with me and this blog with a friend…  As a result of my mother’s background and seeing the child star, Shirley Temple, on TV – I loved to tap dance.  It is upbeat, great exercise and lifts my spirits!

Now it’s your turn…

To Passion!

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Judy Blake is a Professional Life Coach, Educator, Mentor, and Speaker who is passionate about empowering others to consciously create fuller, more purposeful, more meaningful lives. Judy believes that it is never too late, you are never too old; there is no condition that cannot be overcome to be that person to design the life you want. JudyBlake.com

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  1. James

    Growing up as a young boy, I used to watch the “Superman” TV shows as often as possible. In one episode, Lois Lane told a man who was holding her captive that he would make a wonderful secretary for a woman one day. (She had been forced to teach him how to type.) I think when I heard that it stayed in my brain, making a positive impression and ever since then, I always wanted to work for a woman as a personal assistant or a secretary – even though I am not a criminal!

    So I knew that career choice was right for me. Unfortunately, I experienced disappointing decades of working for big companies with traditional hierarchies and mostly having male supervisors and managers in unfulfilling jobs. But I never let go of my passion and my vision for all those years – I kept my eyes ahead, just waiting for the right chance. And the opportunity found me, finally.

    Three years ago (at age 56, mind you) I met a very special woman in the local hiking club. I could tell from her voice and her natural authority that she was the leader that I had always been looking for. Maybe I “broke the rules”, but I gathered up the courage to tell this woman that I wanted to be her assistant.

    Thank You for such great blog entries, Judy Blake! You “get” it.

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