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Judy Blake at The Big Shift Experience – March 2016

Sit with me a moment, won’t you?  This chair has your name on it!  And it’s your chance to experience a Big Shift in your life.

Go get your journal and a pen please; I’ll wait.

If you do not already have what you want in your life, I have news for you.  God (the divine presence in all and the very foundation of the presence of life) is great; yet if you are waiting for his/her/its help, remember ‘God helps those who help themselves’.  Let go of wasting precious time wishing, hoping, begging to God.  The reason is because you already are all that God is and the answers are already with in you.  So let’s man up!

First:  Get quiet and Live into these questions, as your answers are in the question:

What lights you up in YOUR life?

Why is it important for you to succeed?

In what ways are you holding yourself back:

a. In your relationships?
b. In your business or work?
c. In your health or wellbeing?
d. In finances that allow for more time, freedom, and quality of life?

Next: It’s time to get real… (I have done this myself so get comfortable and dive in to the truth).

Life is FINITE…you only get one shot at it this lifetime.  Do you wish to live it and love it?  Or simply watch it pass you by with your face in a screen?  You are every bit as worthy as those that are living the “good” life. I want you to know I am here for you, to walk with you as you make your life matter focusing on your strengths (and you do have many).  You were born with them.

Take advantage of my free offer to share time with you on a complimentary call.  Begin the change of new ways of being, seeing, and doing.  Please share with your friends and don’t forget to sign in for the free eBook:  The mindset that MATTERS!

Wake up to feeling ALIVE!


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Judy Blake is a Professional Life Coach, Educator, Mentor, and Speaker who is passionate about empowering others to consciously create fuller, more purposeful, more meaningful lives. Judy believes that it is never too late, you are never too old; there is no condition that cannot be overcome to be that person to design the life you want. JudyBlake.com

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Judy Blake Transformation Coach

Success – imagine the super sweet smile on your face when you pair up thoughts of success and you!  Success means different things to different people depending on your values and priorities.  Nonetheless, it is probably safe to say that the majority of people will identify money as the primary marker of success, as it generally includes more than meeting your basic needs, but rather the means to enjoy life more freely.

Do you have what you want in your life?  Are you aware that You were born for greatness? And you have every right to have whatever it is that you want.  It is known as your birthright.  If you don’t have it – it is time you do!

So what is blocking you?  Want to know ‘what you are doing wrong’?  Let’s get to the point! It’s your mindset – the deeply ingrained patterns of automatic thoughts that are sourced in your subconscious and that unconsciously surface ‘thoughtlessly’ and effortlessly. These patterns of thought (limiting beliefs) fall primarily into the following categories:

“Not good enough” – Totally untrue but very common. Very often there is a lack of confidence, but this can be overcome with stepping into new experiences again and again.

Resistance to Change – Often associated with a fear of the unknown, resulting in a failure to explore new opportunities and missing opportunities for growth, freedom, and change for the better.

Dependencies or Co-Dependencies – This limiting belief relies on the thinking that happiness and success is outside of you, and results from behaviors or circumstances outside of our control, when personal control comes from within.

Negative Expectations – The subconscious is driving your vehicle… that would be the invisible part of you! The reasons for negative expectations may vary, but ultimately they result in creating self-fulfilling prophesies. If deep within the subconscious you believe “I can’t do that or achieve that”, then you are likely then to create just that – (sabotage) a negative outcome, or in an attempt to play it safe, you do not move past your perceived threshold. Perhaps you feel that life is a constant struggle and the next negative event is just around the corner. Releasing negative expectations is key to any form of success you may wish to achieve.

I don’t deserve – This limiting belief is one of inferiority. Because we unconsciously believe that we don’t deserve, we participate in life with low expectations for success, or often don’t even try.

Victim of Circumstances – Life doesn’t just happen TO you, but THROUGH you. Don’t get comfortable here. ‘Victims’ tend to accept unhappiness, or failure, as if it just happened ‘to’ them. It is their lack of awareness of how life really works that is missing. ‘Victims’ often feel helpless, and do not realize that they have the PERSONAL POWER to change their circumstances. As a result, they fail to take control in creating what they want, overcoming circumstances. Often many successful people fail a few times, using their failed experiences as feedback towards taking the next steps toward success.

Procrastination – Any success requires action and follow through; without it, it is simply entertainment, and you are likely to find yourself back on the treadmill of wishful thinking and excuse making, preparing to repeat the pattern.

Earning Approval for Love of Others – This is a time when it is healthy to concentrate your thoughts and focus on creating the success for you first and foremost – not for the approval of others. Doing things for the wrong reasons sacrifices your individual needs and goals for someone else’s approval that may never come to pass.

Excuses – These are the so called, “good reasons” rationalization for why certain things can’t or shouldn’t be done. You think you are doing it as an act of safety when often you are simply holding yourself back from availing an opportunity. If you want to see positive change – the excuses have to go! I call this fear!

Do any of these describe you?  If yes, then there’s some shifting that needs to be done if you want more out of life.  In whatever area you choose.  And before you catch yourself doubting or objecting… the rich people, the healthy people, and the happy people have already figured this out whether they did it deliberately or by default.

  • Think about it: What do you want that is missing in your life?
  • What is the struggle, problem, or dissatisfaction, i.e., the pain point in your life?
  • Does it have to do with relationships, health/weight, work, income, time and freedom?

If you desire something more than what you presently have, clearly it is possible as you see others living the example.

Now, before you automatically start making excuses to yourself – “don’t have the money, don’t have the time, it’s too overwhelming with everything going on in my life.”


Catch your breath! It requires a different mindset, one in which you may have to grow into, beyond the point or place where you are. Ultimately – it leaves a gap that needs to be bridged.

One of the single most effective success-accelerators is life coaching, to bridge the gap to create the new life you wish.  It is statistically shown that those that work with a coach are 98% more effective in making the desired shifts in their lives.  A coach or mentor helps breathe life into your intentions, keeping you focused, on point while transforming them into concrete goals, and then providing you with the transformational tools and motivation you need to turn those goals into reality.

What Olympian contender, team, or little league team functions without a coach for leadership, education, and direction?  The same applies to you.  Not every life experience offers opportunities for success, therefore if you need support and optimal function – look to a transformational life coach!  YOU are worth investing in yourself – from seeing your worthiness to have what it is you want.  So many times we put our children ahead of ourselves and I am going to tell you that once you are happy, and your children witness the shift in you, the energetic dynamic in your household will improve exponentially.

As an Inner Architect… life by design Life Coach I offer a plan for maximum effectiveness in:

    • Breaking free from limiting beliefs and self-sabotage for accelerated results
    • Creating and amplifying your vision, while activating your best resources
    • Strategies for overcoming fear, doubt and worry
    • Using your current conditions as levers for achieving your goals
    • Understanding the missing and often misunderstood elements of effective goal achieving
    • Developing authentic confidence

If you are tired of repeating the same old patterns and think you are ready,

Call me for a FREE complimentary sessions. You can contact me at JudyBlake.com/contact.

Make it a Great Day… Everyday!

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Judy Blake is a Professional Life Coach, Educator, Mentor, and Speaker who is passionate about empowering others to consciously create fuller, more purposeful, more meaningful lives. Judy believes that it is never too late, you are never too old; there is no condition that cannot be overcome to be that person to design the life you want. JudyBlake.com

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