Father's Day

For the many fathers who are active parents involved in the lives of your children imparting words of wisdom and genuine love, I salute you. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!  And for the many blessed children of active fathers, I congratulate you, as it allows you to live and love wholly, enabling one to more likely attract and choose future partners capable of being loving in return.  You have much to be grateful for.

But what about the ‘fatherless’ on Father’s Day for whom there is no Hallmark card.

In death, there is loss and grief and the lingering sadness that Dad is gone from this life forever.  Grief is individual, yet what has once been shared while together remains within you and your heart.  I believe that those that physically leave us are assuredly with us in spirit.  Another opportunity for gratitude! Honoring Dad is still available, perhaps by enjoying a favorite food while relishing the memory, attend an event, or visit a place that you had experienced together that may have meant a lot to him, enabling you to reflect and to feel his presence and warm smile.

Then there are the ‘fatherless’; those with absentee fathers, or those that are MIA, creating a sense of loss and heartache.  How can we feel grateful if feeing abandoned, hurt, or emotionally scarred?  There is indeed a gift in this.  By your very birth alone, you were blessed with LIFE!  You have had a father, even if he failed to meet responsibilities or approval; he was, in part, responsible for your very creation of life and thus your presence in this abundant world.

Unintentionally, he likely bestowed on you the gift of self-reliance, your ability to overcome life’s challenges.  In addition to being grateful, there is an opportunity for forgiveness that which frees you, not him, of the pain that may potentially interfere in the flow of your life.  Regardless of the circumstances, there is the available choice to make a conscious decision as to how to live life differently.

Father’s Day is a day of honoring, but equally important, a day of gratitude and forgiveness, necessities for your happiness.  Let’s not forget that it may be also be a day to recognize many Moms, who were often pinch-hitting for Dad.

Happy Father’s Day to the Father in your Life!

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Judy Blake is a Professional Life Coach, Educator, Mentor, and Speaker who is passionate about empowering others to consciously create fuller, more purposeful, more meaningful lives. Judy believes that it is never too late, you are never too old; there is no condition that cannot be overcome to be that person to design the life you want. JudyBlake.com

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