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So Grateful!

I am so grateful to Judy Blake!  Judy and I have a long history dating back to when I was 14 years old and she was my 8th grade English teacher.  Judy was the teacher that you remember long after graduation because of the unique relationship she had with each of her students.  She expected more, challenged us, and reminded us of our posture as we sat in class.  She did it all with an enthusiasm that made you want to do it!

One evening I was discussing with an old friend how thankful we were for what we learned in our English AND French classes with Judy.  I decided to search online for Judy, and I truly believe it was divine intervention that I found Judy’s website for “The Inner Architect”.  After just catching up for a few minutes via Skype, I knew I wanted to be in her “space”.  Judy was my favorite teacher in school; her gift is truly educating people and now she is passionately helping others achieve their dreams and goals!!  I can’t even tell you how much my life has changed in just 12 weeks!  I admit I was committed, doing my homework, listening to the motivational messages, writing out my affirmations and vision statement.  If anyone is feeling like they need a change, want more out of life, looking for true happiness and peace, I encourage you to register TODAY!  There will never be a better time than now.  Trust me, I am a wife and mother of 3 boys, own my own business, and care for my 84-year-old mother.  I hesitated doing this through the holiday season and what I found was I could not wait for my calls with Judy.  It was how I kept my sanity during the busy time of year.  This program allowed me to experienceimmense growth in my business, joy in my home and peace in my heart!  What a way to start 2016!  I am truly grateful to Judy for changing my life forever.  I pray that you will allow yourself the opportunity for her to do the same for you!

Sue Z.
Senior Sales Director
Chicago, Illinois

Wonderful Leader!

For several decades, I had an unremitting vision of what was the best vocation for me, and also my destiny.  Having worked with Judy, I have great appreciation for Judy’s intellectual capacities.  She is a wonderful leader and life coach, and she utilizes her intuition and imagination to understand what motivates others.  Judy has very perceptive insights and has been very supportive in moving me forward on the proper life path, further expanding the vision for my being.  I am very pleased to say that I have succeeded, with more dreams to follow.  Judy has indeed changed my life, and I look forward to everysingle new day now!  Life is a gift!

Thank You, Judy Blake!

Jim K.
Systems Manager
Scottsdale, Arizona

A Great Human Spirit!

Judy was very helpful in getting me to focus on what I needed to focus on, yet she was also very flexible with changing circumstances. She was able to help me navigate set-backs and keep me on track.

I would recommend Judy to anyone needing that extra push or help in seeing what direction their life should be going.

She’s easy to relate to and has a wonderful empathy – a great human spirit!

GiGi K.
Senior Manager, Client Services
Tustin, California

Love The Program!

Love the program!

Thanks for all your support.

Los Angeles, California

Impressive Posts!

I simply want to mention that I definitely like your blog.  I am going to bookmark it.  You have absolutely impressive posts!

Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

– Straight from the Source

A Place to Grow!!

This is an amazing site…. Thank you so very much, a place to grow!!


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