Get ready to Redefine, Redesign, and Recharge!

Vision Workshop Judy Blake

Judy presents a very powerful, professional Vision Workshop that is guaranteed to impact and re-energize your group.  Her presentation proves to be motivating and action-oriented in both the present moment and in forward movement.  Yes, you are being called to create a new vision; to dream, grow, and become more of what you desire and know you are innately capable of, or you would not be reading this now. There are no coincidences… only cooperative incidents.


Whether it’s professional development, a staff meeting, radio interview, or a motivating keynote speech your organization will be fueled and ignited by this content. Rest assured they will “THANK YOU” for orchestrating this event.

Take the initiative now toward empowerment, to transform, to unlock the power within with this formula, moving from possibility to probability to predictability of living your expanded vision.

* Judy also presents Vision Workshops to Community Colleges and High School Seniors, further enhancing the clarification process of their life direction.

Judy’s background includes certifications as a Life Purpose Coach, a Dreambuilder Coach with the Mary Morrissey Life Mastery Institute, and EFT and NLP techniques.  In addition to 20 years of experience as an educator, Judy earned her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Leadership in Adult Training.  Being on the forefront of change, she also successfully pioneered a popular fitness program and developed progressive, onsite Corporate Child Care Centers.

Be the Best You!

Complimentary 45 minute session