Judy Blake at Big ShiftI’ve been coaching and supporting people my entire life, customizing their visions, moving them to the next level to enjoy a better life. That’s because I recognize and appreciate the unseen power that is already within each of us; it’s the key to realizing the deeper longing for a great life, becoming a fuller, more expanded version of yourself.

Without commitment and structure, the risk of falling back into old habits and paradigms is high, resulting in recreating what you have always had. I have been there, and fully get what that is; most importantly, I have overcome it.

I personally feel most ALIVE and grateful when serving others who are committed to being their best selves and achieving a more meaningful life. That same aliveness is also within you, nudging, if not screaming to come forth. The goal? To feel the surge that recharges you and says: “I love my life.”

To Feeling Alive again

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